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Sensitive Data Protection

Secure your banking and personal data with a comprehensive end-to-end solution.

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Get serious about data protection. Power your business with an end-to-end solution designed to secure your most valuable assets.

We all know data is the new gold and companies hold much information of great economic and strategic value. This capital must be protected at all costs. The unauthorised disclosure or use of these sensitive data can have serious consequences for a company (tarnished reputation, loss of trust and confidence,  intellectual property theft or even loss of competitive advantage).  With banking fraud and data breach and theft on the up, it has never been more important to implement standards and regulations to protect consumers.

Digital convenience, which is becoming the new norm, brings home the importance of Data Privacy. Yet, until recently, data security was often woefully inadequate. To protect banking data, the PCI DSS, back in 2004, created a standard to better control cardholder data and reduce credit card fraud. This was followed, in 2018, by the GDPR, Europe’s data privacy and security law, which established a set of rules applicable to all personal data processing  in the EU.

To assist companies in managing their most strategical assets and in complying with these challenging procedures, Worldline has developed Sensitive Data Protection, an end-to-end solution designed to secure banking (in compliance with PCI DSS) and personal data (in compliance with GDPR). Sensitive Data Protection maximises the protection of our clients data assets by addressing all current industry standards and government regulations.

Perfect protection

  • We know data is one of the most valuable assets in the business world but cataloging and safeguarding sensitive information is especially essential. Which is why we designed Sensitive Data Protection for banks, retailers, merchants, governments bodies, who need to protect sensitive and personal data such as name and first name, date of birth, biometrics data, fingerprints, DNA...

Secure, safe and seamless data exchange

  • Besides enabling data security, it’s about easing the customer journey, enhancing the exchange, transfer, storage and disclosure of data and providing a seamless customer experience. With our solution where data is secured by tokenization we make it easy for merchants looking to implement loyalty schemes and develop marketing tools. 


Sensitive Data Protection

Fast track to a safe and compliant business. Sensitive Data Protection is a plug-and-play data security solution delivering immediate safeguarding, guaranteeing safety and protection.

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