The Paypers Payment Methods | Report 2022

01 / 07 / 2022

India’s digital explosion and the opportunities it presents to ambitious online businesses

The Paypers Payment Methods report 2022

The increasing number of digital shoppers prompts industry players – especially merchants, PSPs, payment methods providers, and fintechs – to push innovation forward in a bid to offer superior customer experiences. The key trends that have been defining ecommerce in the last two years are convenience, security, and speed. Only by meeting these elements, ecommerce businesses could stay on a competitive edge.

In a specific part of the report that addresses how to win at conversion and retention, Ramesh Narasimhan, Chief Executive Officer – India at Worldline provides insights into the unique payments ecosystem in India and how businesses can successfully enter the market.

Ramesh Narasimhan

Head of Digital Commerce, Worldline India
As a Chief Executive Officer of Worldline India, Ramesh is responsible for leading the business strategy and driving the revenue growth of the company. He has over three decades of experience in various roles in the Information Technology industry, having worked with various companies like HCL and IBM, - where he performed diverse leadership roles.

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