Instant issuing.

How can you issue and activate a virtual payment card instantly via your phone?

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In the digital world, getting an instant payment card issued and interacting via the banking app should be quick and easy, whether for yourself or for your child, wherever they are.  

Fact or fiction?

In a fast-changing world where everything must be quick and easy, consumers no longer want to wait to get a new card issued and activated.

Instant issuing would allow people to start using their virtual cards instantly, for instance when replacing a lost or stolen card.

The service would also offer features enabling the user to manage the card, interact in real-time, control a budget - and even create a budget based on geolocation, and all this instantaneously.

Worldline is investing in the technology to support the new digital banking use cases. The Instant Issuing solution is emerging and will continue to grow.

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