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Digital Security Suite

Complete protection for all your devices

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Secure your devices against threats, frauds and cyber-attacks.

An ever-changing threat landscape combined with the expansion of mobile-based services requires companies to find all-encompassing solutions to protect their devices against hacking, mobile threats and cyber-attacks. Worldline’s Digital Security Suite offers a complete solution to secure computers, smartphones and tablets and fend off the most sophisticated cyber-risks.

A highly adaptable solution

Digital Security Suite can be used on any device and on any channel and suits all the needs of your end-users. Safeguarding all types of sensitive information, the suite is designed to accompany you on your journey towards cyber-resilience.

Protecting your devices 24/7

Because peace of mind and security are non-negotiable, Digital Security Suite offers complete protection in 4 steps:


1) Threats & Fraud Prevention, 
2) Risk prediction, 
3) Risk detection leading to an, 
4) Adaptative Reaction. 


Our solution is a security layer to prevent all cyber-attacks and unauthorised access to your data.

Versatility is the name of the game

Digital Security Suite is suitable for any use case that needs to digitalize sensitive operations and protect personal information, including:


  • · Mobile banking applications
  • · Payments
  • · Digital Identity
  • · Healthcare
  • · Transportation


You can rest easy. Digital Security Suite has what it takes to satisfy all your needs and those of your end-users.

A fully adaptable back-office to further enhance security

Digital Security Suite is also composed of a back-office allowing for easy configuration, adaptation, dynamic fine-tuning and calibration of security policies for any given fleet of devices you might have. With Digital Security Suite you’ll also be able to manage a “blacklist” of devices and update the security policy in relation to “families”.

A complete solution to use all your devices in total security

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