Supercharging your payments strategy with open banking | Webinar

01 / 11 / 2021

Discover how digital businesses can leverage the opportunities open banking presents, to supercharge their payments strategy.

Open Banking has the potential to radically change the financial services and payments landscape.

451 Research and Worldline explain how open banking, by allowing access to consumer banking data, will enable digital businesses to gain detailed insight into consumer financial behavior, which could be used to build customer loyalty and credit scores, as well as provide more personalized payment options.

Who is it for?
This webinar will be most valuable for senior executives in established digital businesses whose responsibilities include payment strategy, business development, or CX.

Register for this webinar to explore:

  • The role of payments within the customer journey & how digitally driven merchants are prioritizing payments4
  • Three key outcomes of an effective payments strategy: drive growth / elevate the CX / optimize costs (i.e., “the payments trifecta”)
  • How open banking ties into the payments trifecta
  • Key business outcomes open banking payments can drive
  • Best practices of using open banking for digital businesses