EV Charging Payments Suite

EV Charging Payments Suite

Electrify your customers’ journey with an all-in one payment solution dedicated to every EV charging use case.

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Time for your EV ambition to become a reality.

The time for electric vehicles is now. And with more consumers choosing electric vehicles than ever, they’ll be looking for a simple, smooth and secure EV charging payment experience when charging their vehicle away from home. Worldline EV Charging Payments Suite is a full-service payment solution that can power up your business and deliver a frictionless user experience.

Simple, smart and reliable.

The best part about the Worldline EV Charging Payments Suite? It seamlessly integrates with every charging point in Europe, turning your EV charging infrastructure into an easy-to-use and widely accessible solution, fit for all use cases: tap & charge, plug & charge, book & charge and omnichannel. Let your customers simply pay and drive away while we handle the rest.

Accept all payment methods.

Navigate the changing payments landscape with ease. As Europe’s number one payment processor, we’re constantly tapping into industry trends and changing consumer preferences, so we’ll make sure that you can always accept all payment methods such as mobile wallets or close-loop cards. And with 34 million electric vehicles forecasted in Europe by 2030, there’s no better time to be prepared for EV charging payment than now.

Smash online payments.

Cover all bases with Worldline EV Charging Payments Suite. While we support unattended payments at kiosks with a wide range of terminals, we also cover online EV charging payment methods via our ecommerce platform. This allows us to integrate digital payments into mobile and web applications easily - and roll your solution out across any of your international locations, too. Plus, you’ll enjoy one single interface to manage all of your transactions.

Shine across Europe.

Don’t let geography hold you back. Worldline EV Charging Payments Suite operates in 26 countries - and with 21 currencies. We have over 20 years of experience with local payment methods and tapping into international markets, so your EV charging payment infrastructure will be in safe hands. And you’ll get to choose from our complete offer including terminals, ecommerce payment acceptance, dedicated gateway and acquiring products.

Electrify your customers’ journeys.

Businesses across Europe trust us to provide fast, flexible and secure EV charging payment methods for their customers. Watch to find out more.