Female manager using tablet computer in a small business to access Worldline's Merchant Portal.

Merchant Portal

Managing than ever with our new user-friendly Merchant Portal.

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Better manage your day-to-day payment operations.

The responsive interface gives you a clear overview of your payment performance and simplifies your task management, including refunds and captures, to help streamline your payment operations (WCAG compliant).

The intuitive layout gives you an easy and frictionless way to complete a wide range of tasks more quickly while feeling confident and supported through:

Breakdown and analyse your transactions

  • Dive into each transaction and see transaction details in real time.
  • Search and filter by criteria such as payment methods, declined transactions, date, etc.
  • View transaction details and understand their transaction statuses
  • Perform tasks such as refund and captures with the built-in transaction management tool

Your settlements in one view

Check revenues and settlements

Search and filter

View settlement details

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Simply log on to your Back Office and click the button “Try our New Merchant Portal” in the top right corner. You can still switch to the legacy dashboard with one click for more detail and development functions.

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