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Additional services

Worldline Greece offers you reliable payment solutions.

Accept payments wherever you are.

We help make your business more competitive!

Offer your customers the option to pay for your products in instalments.

Interest-free instalments

Offer 2 to 48 interest-free instalments depending on your commercial policy for both in-store and online purchases

The easy solution when you don’t carry cash.

Tipping via POS

Offer your customers the option to leave a tip via the POS terminal either as a percentage of the total value or a flat amount.

Online payment checkout in fewer clicks.


Customers will not have to enter their card details every time they make a purchase from your e-shop. After their first purchase, a unique token number is generated with the details of their card, and it is that number that is stored in the business’ system instead of the card details. This number corresponds to only one card and cannot be used to pay at other online shops.

Customer card details are stored in Worldline's 3D Secure electronic environment.

Meeting your needs!

Regardless of the industry in which you operate, we offer the right type of transaction for your business