WeChat Pay

WeChat Pay

One of China’s most popular mobile payment solutions.

Reasons to accept WeChat Pay

Chinese tourists find paying with cash inconvenient and also appreciate being able to use their preferred mobile payment methods while travelling. In 91 percent of cases, the desire to make a purchase even increases when mobile Chinese payment solutions are accepted*. Attract new and well funded customers from China by accepting WeChat Pay.

* Source: Nielsen (2018): "Outbound Chinese Tourism and Consumption Trend: 2017 Survey"

The benefits for you as a merchant

  • Large number of users: reach over 800 million active users by accepting WeChat Pay
  • Easy to use for you and your customers: guaranteed additional impulse buys
  • Seamless expansion of existing means of payment: you will continue to receive everything from a single source
  • Secure means of payment: transactions are processed securely and quickly
  • No additional infrastructure: WeChat Pay functions with your QR capable terminal

WeChat Pay at the payment terminal

The technology required to use WeChat Pay is already integrated into the new terminals provided by Worldline, thus enabling you to offer your customers from China fast and secure payment processing using their preferred app. Do you already have a QR capable terminal by Worldline? Then all you need is a software update, which will be activated for you by Worldline. 

Using WeChat Pay at the payment terminal is that simple

WeChat Pay lets you offer Chinese tourists a seamless payment experience. Payment is carried out automatically and stays exactly the same for you and your staff, with no additional steps.

Customers who have a WeChat Pay app can pay directly at the terminal using their smartphone by scanning the QR code.

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