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Global Collect

Give your customers the online payment methods they love worldwide and increase your conversion and approval rates by accepting payments globally.

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Global Collect Services B.V. (“GCS”) does not provide regulated services in the UK and is not authorised in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) GCS provides services to clients in the UK from the Netherlands and is authorised to provide payment services by the Dutch National Bank (“DNB”). There will be no change to the services that we provide to you. As GCS is not authorised by the FCA, you are no longer able to refer complaints to the UK financial ombudsman and UK rules do not apply to how we safeguard client funds. Instead, GCS complies with the Dutch laws and you can refer your complaints by email : merchant.services@worldline.com

Online payment methods that get you closer to your consumers.

As a global business, you’ll appreciate the complexities of cross-border payments. Our goal is to simplify these payments to hundreds of merchants across the world via a global gateway, with local payment options that customers love. It enables your customers to pay in more ways than ever before. Good news for your customers. Great news for your business.

The power of choice with cross-border payments

Worldline Global Collect gives you the gift of choice. A choice for your customers in ways to pay. But it also allows you to tailor online payment methods to each market – meaning you can offer the best mix of payment methods by country, region and even device.

We help you grow globally.

If you’re looking to harness the potential of high growth markets around the world, you’ll find we’re geared up to offer all the flexibility and support you need. Your customers will have all the convenience of paying via one of the 150+ online payment methods we offer. They can pay in 140+ currencies, whilst your revenue arrives in any of 25+ settlement currencies you choose. We’re your perfect growth partner. 

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Easy integration through our smart APIs.

Fast, effective integration means you’ll be able to offer online payment methods – on the web as well as in-app – more quickly and more securely than ever. We’ll support you at checkout too, with a choice of payment pages. Either integrate your own or select our “best-in-class for user experience” hosted pages. Not only is it easy to test your integration whenever you need to, you’ll even get transaction notifications thanks to our webhooks.

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Conversion optimised. Revenue maximised.

Worldline’s smart routing of transactions will find you the best acquirers in terms of costs, approval rates and availability. That’s good news for your conversion. We’ll protect your revenue streams too, through a suite of extensive fraud management tools. And if you ever need any advice, just talk to our dedicated payment professionals.

Priceless insights into your business. And the competition.

So many transactions. So many currencies. So many ways to pay. But we can help you meet your ambition of keeping things simple. For instance, you get easy access to transaction data and can instantly see just how much money you’re making. You’ll gain critical business insights too, with bespoke reporting. You can even analyse your performance through the entire payment funnel – then rate yourself against your competition. 

Fraud tools tailored to your approach.

We offer our enterprise merchants a diverse set of fraud prevention tools to combat fraud and optimize profits, including rule-based systems, machine learning technology, and a hybrid approach that combines both.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection