How To Ensure Payments Are On Time

Expired or re-issued credit cards lead to missed payments. Card Updater automatically updates stored credit cards, ensuring payments are always collected.

We always say that payments should be easy. You want to integrate a payment solution once and then trust that it is working, without having to check on it.

Your solution exists to make it easier for your customers to focus on their core business, not to be weighed down with manually updating billing information.

For businesses with subscription or recurring billing cycles, we know it is a pain when credit cards expire. This unfortunate (but very real) issue can have your customers missing out on their payments.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

That is where Card Updater comes in. Anyone who uses recurring billing or payment profiles in Canada can add Card Updater to their account.

How does Card Updater work?

We will automatically run a report every Monday for any credit cards that are set to expire within the month. By Wednesday, any credit cards that were set to expire will be updated with their new information.

There is no work for your customers; we will update the card details in their account ourselves. It is that easy.

What does Card Updater look like in action?

Say you are a repeat customer with SkipTheDishes or one of the popular video streaming services (you know the one). Have you ever manually updated your credit card after using the service for an extended period of time? Chances are, probably not.

That’s because, behind the scenes, Card Updater is working its magic. It’s making the payment more convenient for both the business and the consumer. The business doesn’t have to chase down the consumer for their information, and the consumer can continue to use the service without interruption.

Pretty neat, right? (At least we payment nerds think so.)

Curious to learn more? A quick chat with our payments experts can tell you exactly how Card Updater will benefit your business.