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3D Secure 2

Provide the latest in payment security and protect your customers from fraud

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The new security standard for payment processing.

Reduce fraudulent transactions, increase checkout completions, and shift the risk off your business with 3DS2.

Risk-based authentication

An extra layer of security

3DS2 uses transaction data to perform risk-based authentication allowing for a dynamic approach to security. Low-risk transactions proceed seamlessly while high-risk ones trigger additional authentication steps.

Robust, adaptable security

The protection your customers deserve

3D Secure 2 is designed to support a huge range of authentication methods, ensuring compatibility with the various devices with which users interact with your software – enhancing both security and accessibility. 

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Security made seamless

Prioritise user experience

With improved risk assessment abilities, 3DS2 minimizes additional authentication prompts, creating a smoother user experience and reducing cart abandonment. Cardholders are less likely to be challenged during a transaction with 3DS2 than with 3DS1.

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