Help Docs Re-Created Bb Those Who Care

We have re-done our Help Documentation to provide you with the knowledge you should know when processing payments online.

Have you ever been stumped on a question and felt unsure of where to go for an answer? Well, that is exactly the purpose of help documentation. They provide the ability to access information online, allowing people to self-serve with ease.

As an online payment company, our Help Docs were full of payments knowledge. But it may have been a bit of an information overload. To further empower our customers, we decided it was time for a refresh.

We set out by putting ourselves in our customer’s shoes, thinking about what questions they could ask, such as “How do I set up a Sandbox account?”.

To refresh these doc’s, we gathered the people who have the most knowledge on the subject, our Customer Care team. With their input, we would be able to create brand new Help Documentation with enlightening explanations, in English and French for the very first time!

We decided it was time to bring power to the people

While we love to connect with customers on the phone, we wanted to make it easier for them to find answers to common questions. To make this self-serving vision a reality, we had to make sure the information was simple and straightforward, while delivering dependable answers.

We want to be a proactive partner in payments for our customers. To live up to this title, we wanted Help Documentation that anticipates your next question and can guide you to the next discovery.

First, we needed writers

The Help Documents needed to echo the folks who know our customers best – our world-class Customer Care support. With this in mind, our dedicated Customer Care team was asked to update our Help Documentation.

However, as the team started diving in, they quickly noticed that a few edits to our existing Help Docs were not enough. To achieve the self-serving goal we had set out for, we needed to go back to the drawing board.

The pivot

To avoid recreating our last guides, we decided to remove our old documentation altogether and rewrite it from the ground up. We decided we should write the doc’s as guides that could be formatted in the same way our customers ask questions, simplifying the searching experience.

The pivot didn’t rely on just one team but required collaboration across departments. We had editors, writers, and contributors from the operational and commercial sides of the business working countless hours to polish these docs.

Les tout premiers documents d’aide Français!

Our dedicated French Customer Operations Specialist was excited to help us deliver our first ever French Help Documentation! All 121 docs were carefully translated through an agency into French to ensure we met the needs of our French speaking customers. To ensure the French docs met our standards, our French connection reviewed each guide once again.

In case you have lost track, that is 242 revisions!

Finally, we were ready to find the new docs a new home.

After countless hours of writing, editing, expert checks, and translations, we were ready to upload the documents! Our new powerful help documentation needed an equally strong page layout and webpage. The operational and commercial sides collaborated once again, manually uploading each doc to deliver the site you see today.

The final product, you asked, and we listened:

Beyond the new and improved Help Doc’s, we are proud of the new Help Docs’ ability to provide you with full transparency into new features, bug fixes, and stat holidays. We genuinely believe these updated resources will assist businesses big and small, whether you directly work within the Worldline Portal or are preparing training for those who do.

The documents you see today tell the Worldline story. Customers can learn and grow their business even more by leveraging the new knowledge available. Don’t just take our word for it, all there is to know about how to best leverage Worldline awaits you! Handcrafted Help Docs by the team who cares the most.