Nonprofits Should Use Virtual Terminal

For all your fundraising payment needs, Virtual Terminal is a secure and budget-friendly way to accept phone and mail-in payments from anywhere with an

Nonprofits Virtual Terminal

If your customers collect donations, you are probably going to make sure they can capture donations from anywhere. Online giving has risen significantly, but did you know what device most donations are collected on?

Mobile phones.

And did you know that over half of the pledges from a mobile device are made over the phone.

While we have gotten used to the idea of using our mobile phones for almost everything but making a call, the power of the telephone for donations cannot be ignored.

Facilitating online and in-app payment capabilities for nonprofits opens them up to a new world of online giving. By adding phone and mail-in payments into your payment strategy you’ve opened up donation acceptance to 100% of donors.

So what technology do you need to accept phone and mail-in payments?

It is time to get to know Virtual Terminal.


What Is Virtual Terminal?

Virtual Terminal allows your customers to capture phone and mail-in payments from anywhere with an internet connection. All nonprofits need to do is collect the credit card information from the donor, and type it into the terminal.

The Virtual Terminal payment form is completely customizable, making capturing the necessary payment information a breeze. An authorization message will be sent right away, so there is no guessing if the transaction was successful or not.


When Would You Use Virtual Terminal?

While this convenient payment method is easily used by any business to process sales, it has some unique use cases:

  • Churches collecting funds from community events such as garage sales or bake sales
  • Nonprofits hosting a fundraising campaign or selling merchandise
  • Collecting one-off or recurring donations
  • Accepting adoption fees for pet adoption

For nonprofits, Virtual Terminal is a budget-friendly way to accept payments, rather than investing in a clunky Point-of-Service terminal. The only thing required to start accepting payments is access to the internet.


Why Use Virtual Terminal?

Taking payments over the phone may sound simple enough, but in order to accept payments, nonprofits need to be secure. Processing credit cards, debit cards, and EFT/ACH comes with the potential risk of fraud.

By transmitting payment information through Worldline’s PCI certified server, you not only keep your business out of scope; you also ensure customer payment information will be secured to the highest standards.

Not only is Virtual Terminal simple to use and cost-effective, but it is also one of the most secure ways to accept payments.

So, how can you enable Virtual Terminal for nonprofits? Just contact our experts; they will walk you through everything you need to know.