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An updated integration made Catertrax payments process simple and straightforward. See how they upgraded

Cater Trax Case Study

Learn how CaterTrax and Worldline worked together to upgrade their legacy integration.

The challenge

Have you ever wondered what powers large dining facilities in North America? No matter what size business, facility, or industry, the software you will most likely find on the computers is CaterTrax.

CaterTrax offers catering management solutions that are meant to scale with their customers. From kitchen and menu management to nutrition information and payment options, clients can do it all with ease on CaterTrax.

CaterTrax has been a partner of Worldline’s (previously known as Beanstream) since 2008. To meet the new 2018 security requirements such as CVV and TLS 1.2, CaterTrax needed to update their SOAP integration, a potentially long and laborious process.

If the software CaterTrax was using did not comply with the new security updates, their customers would not be able to process payments. While a patch could be developed for CaterTrax to continue using SOAP, they were missing out on newer authentication methods, specific payment information, and the latest payment tools.

The solution

With the security updates coming up and a business to maintain, CaterTrax needed an integration option that would not take away time and resources from the company. CaterTrax has hundreds of accounts and is always onboarding new ones. Shutting down operations to upgrade the integration to REST was not an option.

Working together, CaterTrax and Worldline developed a plan that would ensure CaterTrax was up-to-date on the new security protocols.

Between the account management, integration specialist, and IT teams, Worldline worked with CaterTrax to move off of SOAP and onto REST. Communication was the key to success between the two companies; CaterTrax asked the right questions, and Worldline was there with a quick response every step of the way.

The results

The transition from the old integration to the new one was a seamless process. CaterTrax saved countless hours of development time moving their existing merchants. Integrating to REST also boosted CaterTrax up from a Level 1 to a Level 2 Data Processor, providing access to money-saving features like interchange rate reductions to help lower costs.

The relationship between CaterTrax and Worldline is a testament to how communication and cooperation can ensure the alignment and success of sometimes complicated upgrading processes. CaterTrax continues to grow their customer base with ease because of their integration, offering unparalleled software service for the hospitality industry.