A Partnership For A Healthier Future

Clinicmaster partners with Worldline to create an all-in-one clinic solution to handle all aspects of clinic management from payments to online booking.

Climicmaster Case

If you’ve ever walked into a clinic, you know they are busy places. Receptionists are booking appointments, answering phones, calling in patients, and taking payments all at once. And we’ve all seen those rows upon rows of patient charts filed away in the background. No matter how organized things seem, nothing can make up for the efficiencies of cloud-based software.

As with some of the best innovations, things happen spontaneously. What had started as a favour to a practitioner following an injury quickly became a passion for Clinicmaster CEO and president Max Di Paola. Max had seen a gap in the healthcare market for an all-in-one solution that could handle all aspects of clinic management like online booking, payments, and intake forms in a paperless environment.

As a gold partner with Microsoft - rare in the healthcare field - Clinicmaster can access the best resources from within that environment. These resources give Clinicmaster the tools they needed for Clinicmaster to provide top-tier technology to clinics everywhere. A top-tier software requires an equally flexible payment solution, so Clinicmaster set out to find a payment partner to match their service.


The Situation: Simplifying payments for clinics

Clinicmaster was created with the intention to help clinics operate more efficiently. As a robust technology platform, they needed an equally tech-savvy payment solution that could handle the wide range of payment applications required by clinics. Accounting, insurance payments, customer billing, split billing, payroll - the list of payment needs for clinics is long and complex. They needed a way to simplify things.

To help facilitate these payment needs, high on Clinicmaster’s checklist was API transaction processing, as well as security and PCI compliance. When it comes to safety, patient confidentiality is equally as important as keeping their payment data safe. Clinicmaster’s regional data centres ensure that client data stays within the country where the clinic is - so payment data should be stored in an equally secure environment.

But payment services and security aside, Clinicmaster wanted a payment partner that would truly be a partner, working together to innovate and grow.


The Solution: More than just another integration

Hundreds of clinics rely on Clinicmaster’s software to manage their day-to-day operations. Not only did the proper payment functionality need to be there, but Clinicmaster needed to ensure their clients onboarding was seamless, no matter who their banking partner was. With Worldline, Clinicmaster found a payment solution that offered the proper coverage, API-driven features, and the security and service they were looking for.

“We wanted a partner who could see the value and market we bring to them, and work with us as a partner and not just another integrator. We found that, and more, with Worldline,” says Max. “The integration process was simple and straightforward, and the collaboration was top notch.”

From the onboarding process and beyond, Worldline’s team worked with Clinicmaster to ensure smooth integration with the right payment services and the support they needed as they continued to grow and hit new milestones.


The results: A partnership for a healthier future

The right payment services are crucial for the success of Clinicmaster software, but it was the people and the support at Worldline that really made the difference. Working with the integration team at Worldline, Clinicmaster set up a streamlined billing system that allows clinics to create invoices, statements, and receipts in just a few clicks.

“It has always been a pleasure to do business with Worldline over the past several years. Their services are a great addition to our full suite of partnerships” says Max.

With over two decades of experience learning and growing in the healthcare field, Clinicmaster continues to find new ways to help clinics create new efficiencies with valuable data and analytics. With plans to expand their operations in the coming months and years, clinics across the globe will continue to realize the value that Clinicmaster can bring to their offices. Worldline is proud to work with Clinicmaster as a real partner, not just another integrator, to help clinics and their patients work towards a healthier, happier future.