Payments 101

If you are new to payments, or just want to understand what you need to process payments online, you are in the right place.

2 min.

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What you need

1. First, you need a gateway

payment gateway is the technology layer that links your customer’s financial institution to yours when processing a payment. Every payment made goes through a gateway. Worldline’s gateway is bank agnostic allowing it to plug into virtually any acquiring banks within North America.


2. A merchant account

I already have one: No matter which financial institution holds your account; you will be able to seamlessly connect to Worldline’s bank agnostic gateway with a gateway only account.

I need one: Worldline’s merchant accounts are transparent, with no locked contracts, flexible settlement, and simple pricing.


3. A way to accept payments

Are you building a custom solution? Our RESTful APIs and SDKs can power your website or software to accept payments.

Checkout is our hosted payment form. With just a few minutes and a single link, you can add Checkout to your website; no developer required.

Virtual Terminal
Created for merchants who process orders over the phone or through mail-in-orders. Worldline’s Virtual Terminal is a simple and secure online interface.

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4. Choose the card types

Which card types matter most to your business?


5. Most importantly, security

All companies that process, store or transmit credit card information must maintain a secure environment. This includes all merchants, vendors, or software providers who handle credit card information. Worldline is PCI Level-1 (the highest level) certified service provider. Before you start processing credit card transactions online, you will have to complete a PCI DSS self-assessment questionnaire.


With Worldline’s Tokenization, you can send any piece of sensitive information to Worldline where it is encrypted and stored on our PCI-certified servers. Worldline then returns a token back that represents the customer’s sensitive information. Simply utilize the unique token whenever your customer makes a repeat purchase.

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