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Order Ahead & Food Delivery

Deliver a simple and smooth checkout experience for restaurants and food merchants that optimizes order completion.

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Bring more to the table with seamless online payments.

Simplify the order ahead and food delivery experience with an online payment recipe made for the food industry. Give your clients the tools so that customers can pay with convenient and flexible payment methods, including mobile wallets.

Customer story

How Auphan scaled its online order ahead software with Worldline.

An international provider for the food services industry saved countless hours & resources onboarding new customers by partnering with Worldline.

“Simply, the customer service was amazing. Having a dedicated account representative handling and coordinating the accounts while also being extremely responsive made all the difference.” Andrew Ould, Auphan

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Customer story

Worldine helped Moduurn swiftly serve up a smooth payment process for its restaurants.

By creating mobile-first software that restaurants can customize, Moduurn allows restaurants to extend their brand into mobile ordering. But when an issue with a white-label gateway caused customers to be charged up to 10 times, they opted to find a new payment partner. Worldline completed a single integration for Moduurn in only 30 days that provided their clients with a smooth, reliable and secure ordering process.

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