How Will We Pay

Welcome to a new world of payments. A world where digital technologies meet the expectations and aspirations of consumers, merchants and banks.

A sneak peek into the future of payments

The world of payment is rapidly changing, from the very nature of currencies to new concepts of payment and the technologies that are used for authentication and consent.

In the comic strip series How will we pay? we aim to provide easily accessible insights into where innovations in payments will take us next. 

Meet Emilie and Jack

The cartoons’ protagonists are fun-loving consumer Emilie and hyper-connected technophile Jack. The cartoons explore the myriad ways in which Emilie and Jack’s payments experiences will become simpler and more intuitive in the future, and how merchants, banks and governments can offer useful additional services that will meet the expectations and aspirations of their end users in the future.

Fact or fiction?

The How Will We Pay? use cases present the concepts and possibilities emerging on the horizon of payments.

Some use cases will explore new possibilities of technology that is already out there, other use cases are more about how we envision what the future of payments could look like. It’s about identifying the areas where innovation has the potential to make the biggest impact and exploring the possible solutions of the future.

For each use case, we include a ‘business maturity meter’ that gives an indication on how far the solution presented is from becoming a (commercial) reality.