Empowering Electra: Worldline's Game-Changing Role in Revolutionising EV Charging

Elevating the EV experience: Worldline empowers Electra's premium charging service with cutting-edge digital payment solutions.

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In the fast-paced shift toward sustainable energy, Electra, a pioneering European charging point operator (CPO), and Worldline are teaming up to spearhead the electric vehicle (EV) charging revolution.

Navigating a dynamic market: With the EV market witnessing unprecedented growth, Electra found itself confronted with the challenge of rapidly expanding its charging infrastructure to keep pace with escalating demand. Fuelled by a vision to deliver seamless, accessible, and sustainable charging solutions across Europe, Electra embarked on a transformative journey to redefine the future of mobility.

Recognising the imperative for a robust and scalable payment solution in the dynamic EV industry, Electra strategically partnered with Worldline. Drawing on Worldline's extensive experience and cutting-edge payment technologies, the collaboration aimed to establish a frictionless payment ecosystem for EV users.

Propelling growth and innovation: Electra recently soared to new heights, securing over €300 million in funding—a testament to its rapid ascent and investor confidence in Electra's strategic vision and, more broadly, in the electrification of transport. This substantial financial boost is propelling Electra's ambitious expansion plans, consolidating its position as a key player in the evolving EV landscape in France and Europe.

Electra faces a formidable challenge: it must not only accelerate its expansion across Europe but also enhance the charging customer experience, with a special focus on payment. Navigating through this task, Electra has undertaken key initiatives:

  • Expanding across markets: Electra swiftly grew its charging network to meet the surging demand from the increasing number of EV users across Europe.
  • Enhancing user-centric payments: Worldline's payment solutions played a pivotal role in ensuring a user-friendly experience. By supporting diverse payment methods, they significantly enhanced the accessibility of EV charging.
  • Driving innovation in the EV ecosystem: The collaboration between Electra and Worldline spurred innovation, leading to the development of intelligent charging solutions and laying the groundwork for future advancements in the EV landscape.

In response to Europe's directive urging CPOs to implement card payments by September 2023, Electra enthusiastically embraces this initiative with the robust support of Worldline. Worldline's pan-European acquiring empowers Electra to deploy and operate charging stations continent-wide, enabling customers to pay seamlessly with Visa/Mastercard credit and debit cards. The partnership signifies a joint commitment to a sustainable future, where the seamless integration of technology and renewable energy is set to reshape the transportation landscape.

With unwavering dedication to innovation, sustainability, and user-centric solutions, Electra and Worldline are not mere partners; we are pioneers actively shaping the future of mobility.

"I am immensely proud and delighted to support Electra, the fastest-growing CPO in Europe's EV Charging sector. This partnership is a testament to our commitment, and Electra can be assured of our undivided attention as we work together to strengthen this collaboration and drive innovation in the electric mobility landscape.”

Radu-Vasile Pop – Head of EV Charging Vertical – Worldline

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