Spanish postmen can now accept payments on their smart devices with SoftPOS technology

Correos Group is one of the leading providers of physical and digital communication as well as parcel service in Spain. With more than 48,000 employees and 1,6 billion annual shipments, Correos represents a benchmark for postal services in Spain.

Spanish postmen can now accept payments on their smart devices with SoftPOS technology

Find out how Worldline and supported Correos to deliver a new and innovative payment solution on their existing smart devices, allowing employees to streamline their day-to-day tasks all while maximising customer satisfaction.


Simplifying service while enhancing customers accessibility to payments

In certain Spanish regions, postal workers were facing difficulties primarily because banks and ATMs machines were located mostly inside the city areas, and therefore the service level of customers in rural communities was negatively impacted.

Additionally, Correos was not fully satisfied with the cash management method due to risks of cash reserves insufficiency and outstanding receivables. Correos not only lacked the solutions to track payment transactions effectively but many of their processes were manual. And, as a result, error-prone and time-consuming.

Solving these challenges required a brand-new, cost-effective, and easy-to-set-up cashless approach. Worldline delivered the answer: Tap on Mobile.


Transforming Correos’ Android devices into payment terminals

To overcome these challenges, Worldline teamed up with to create Tap on Mobile. This unique solution allows any Android device to transform into a payment terminal. Tap on Mobile enables the acceptance of both contactless transactions (within the authorised limit) and PIN transactions (above the limit directly on the device). Best of all? No additional hardware is required.

Thanks to this innovative solution, based on SoftPOS’s technology, Worldline helped Correos to facilitate postal services—as well as payment acceptance—benefiting customers from areas with limited access to ATMs.

The implementation of Tap on Mobile was simple and fast. By the end of 2022, more than 6,000 postal workers could access the new Android application installed directly on their existing Honeywell tablets. This is only the beginning! By the end of 2023, 24,000 devices will be equipped with Tap on Mobile, ensuring more Correos’ customers can benefit from this simpler and more efficient way to pay.

“Thanks to Worldline’s Tap on Mobile solution, we were able to simplify our employees’ daily processes, thus improving productivity without the need to equip them with additional hardware. Worldline understood our challenges perfectly well and proposed an innovative and cost-effective solution that fit all our needs. This is how payments should be: simple, frictionless, and easy to manage!”

José Pozo Muelas, SoftPOS Project Director

The results

Improved customer satisfaction, at a lower cost, while generating new business opportunities

The results speak for themselves. Since the rollout started back in 2022, Correos has simplified processes for their employees, who can now collect payments on their usual PDA. Cashless payments have become easier to manage, manual errors are less likely and payment transactions are now easier to track. These benefits have saved Correos money, time, and opened the door to new business opportunities.

The benefits are wide-reaching. Worldline’s Tap on Mobile allows Spanish customers who were previously struggling to access ATMs or banks to pay with a simple “tap” of their credit card, making life easier.

True innovation with benefits for everyone!

“We are very proud of the implementation of Tap on Mobile with Correos, which allowed them to enhance their customer experience and their business performance. Worldline’s Tap on Mobile is the ideal innovation to answer Correos’ specific needs and improve customer payment journeys. This partnership reinforces Worldline’s commitment to leverage innovation to simplify and enable payments for all merchants, whatever their sector.”

Guillaume Pascal, Head of Global Sales & Verticals at Worldline Merchant Services

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