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Turn any smart Android device into a payment terminal.

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The secure, convenient way to accept payments. 

Looking slick at the point of payment is critical. Worldline Tap on Mobile delivers this to your checkout without a terminal, keypad or any extra hardware. With just an Android phone, a tablet or an enterprise device and our app, you can accept card and mobile payment methods via NFC*. It’s ideal for a huge range of applications, including endless aisles, pop-up stores, payment on delivery, assisted sales and payment at table.​

*with NFC and internet connection​

Security you can bank on.

Your first question is likely to be “how safe is it?” The short answer is “as secure as traditional payment terminals.​” Worldline Tap on Mobile is PCI certified – not just “compliant” like other SoftPOS players. We can help with your whole value chain, so you can keep an eye on everything from onboarding to reporting, accepting and acquiring. And all this from a well-known and widely trusted payment expert. You’re in good hands.

No additional hardware. But more ways to pay.

The last thing your business needs right now is more capital expense. Worldline Tap on Mobile is not only a cost-efficient way of helping you accept more payments in more ways than ever, it’s also astonishingly easy to use – your customer receives an automated digital receipt via QR code or email after the sale and there’s even a PIN code for amounts above the contactless limit. ​ 

Just the job for ambitious smaller businesses.

As a small business owner, you don’t have the luxury of hanging about. Our superfast customer onboarding can get you set up and running fast via your local Worldline website, where you’ll find details on how to install the app and start onboarding. There’s absolutely no need to order and wait for terminals, especially handy since you might not want to make that long term commitment for occasional use. There's a simple pay per transaction rate and you'll be hugely impressed by the speed of the transaction reporting.

Helping bigger business get even bigger.

If you’re a larger business, you’ll be pleased to hear Worldline Tap on Mobile can slot effortlessly into your existing payment ecosystem to either replace an existing terminal or supplement existing ones. In fact, it can be added to your enterprise devices and connected to your core business applications with simple app to app API. We’ll be there with full, end-to-end support too, whenever you need us. And thanks to its high and fast scalability, Worldline Tap on Mobile can grow with your ambitions, no stress. 

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Now any Android smart device is a payment terminal.

See for yourself how you can accept electronic payments without a payment terminal. Just load the app onto your Android smartphone, tablet or enterprise device and you can use NFC to process contactless payments fast. You can accept debit cards, credit cards and mobile payments too.