Worldline debuts at Delphi Economic Forum IX: unveiling future of Digital Payments

Athens — 23 / 04 / 2024

Worldline, a global leader in payment services, made its debut at this year's Delphi Economic Forum, marking a pivotal moment in the evolution of digital transactions.

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The forum, renowned for its insights into global economics, hosted Worldline's senior executives, Mr. Ioannis Kitixis, Country Head & Managing Director of Worldline Greece, and Ms. Patricia Battenberg, Head of Strategic Relationships at Worldline Financial Services.

The spotlight shone on Worldline as they delved into the transformative potential of digital currencies, particularly the eagerly anticipated Digital Euro. Ms. Battenberg emphasized that the digital euro should not be a new currency, but rather a digital representation of existing euros, designed to facilitate transactions in an increasingly digital economy. Worldline’s participation in offline digital euro prototype tests, under the auspices of the European Central Bank, underscores their pivotal role in shaping tomorrows digital economy. Therefore a catalyst for streamlined digital transactions and money transfers, ushering in a new era of financial fluidity.

The discussions also revolved around data-driven decision-making, emphasizing the critical need for accurate data assessment to mitigate risks in digital transactions. Ms. Battenberg underscored the importance of data integrity in protecting consumers and businesses alike, aligning with Worldline's commitment to cybersecurity and financial transparency.

Mr. Kitixis unveiled Worldline's innovative Smart POS solution, a game-changer for over 30,000 businesses and professionals. This cutting-edge technology, turning any android device into a POS, not only simplifies card and digital wallet transactions but also aligns seamlessly with evolving regulatory landscapes, such as mandatory POS installations across diverse sectors.  

Mr. Kitixis concluded by emphasizing the importance of educating businesses about electronic transaction fees, with the goal to minimize confusion in this area, while offering the proper service & products for different type and size of businesses, underlining that one solution doesn’t feet all.

As the #1 company in digital payments in Europe and #4 globally, Worldline's strategic acquisitions and investments in research and development (R&D) continue to shape the future of financial technologies.

Worldline's presence at the Delphi Economic Forum not only showcased their innovative solutions but also highlighted their commitment to educating businesses on electronic transaction fees and industry best practices. This commitment reflects their dedication to fostering a dynamic and secure financial ecosystem for businesses of all sizes, enabling their growth journey.

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About Worldline

Worldline helps businesses of all shapes and sizes to accelerate their growth journey – quickly, simply, and securely. With advanced payments technology, local expertise and solutions customised for hundreds of markets and industries, Worldline powers the growth of over one million businesses around the world. Worldline generated a 4.6 billion euros revenue in 2023.

As a reminder in 2021 Worldline acquired the activities of Cardlink S.A. as well as Eurobank's Cards Acquiring Business.

Eleni Diamanti

Eleni Diamanti

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