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Scan and pay - simple and contactless

Worldline QR Payments lets you accept mobile payments without a terminal, whether at the bakery, the kiosk next door or the market. Simply generate the QR code in a few seconds, print out the display or cash in using your smartphone and off you go!


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Accept mobile payments without fixed fees

Receive your payments in 4 easy steps

Worldline QR Payments: 2 possibilities, 1 single interface!

Direct or service sales

Horeca/retail/retail activities

Thanks to a printed QR Code placed on the counter, your customers will be able to pay by scanning the Qr Code with their smartphone, entering the amount and paying simply and securely. A payment confirmation will be visible on the customer's smartphone and you will instantly receive the confirmation in one or more e-mails. You can export the list of transactions for the day using the Worldline interface. With no monthly fees, this solution allows you to accept payments without any logistical constraints.

Delivery service


Do you have a delivery service that requires payment on receipt? Nothing could be simpler. With no monthly fee, you generate a unique, reusable QR Code for each delivery driver. Each delivery driver can then show the payment QR Code to the end customer and receive confirmation of payment in one or more e-mails. A unique identification number is generated for each payment. The delivery driver can therefore easily note the payment reference for each delivery. At the end of the day, the list of transactions can easily be exported using the Worldline interface.


Charities, relief organisations, religious organisations/museums/art galleries/sports organisations/tourism

Collect donations easily on your website or via a printed QRCode placed in several strategic locations. International donors will scan the universal QRCode to make a donation by choosing from 8 different payment methods. Donors can remain completely anonymous without having to give their e-mail address, and you can easily extract the list of non-anonymous donors and e-mail them a proposal for a tax deduction based on the amount. This solution is completely independent and will not interfere with your other e-commerce activities.

Transport service

Taxi/VTC/carpooling/limo/airport shuttles

There's nothing simpler than the QR code to pay for journeys in complete security. Thanks to Worldline, you can generate a unique QR code linked to a service. You print it on a plate placed near the back seat. The customer scans the QR code with their smartphone and accesses the Worldline QR Payments interface. They can check that the taxi details are correct and enter the amount to be paid. You will then receive a payment confirmation. At the end of the day, you can check the number of journeys and transactions, the amount per journey and the total amount invoiced, thanks to a clear Excel spreadsheet where all this data has been exported.

Live selling

Selling via social media

People who follow you on social networks can order and pay for your products live thanks to the QR code that you can display on your videos. All they have to do is scan it to access Worldline's QR Payments interface. They enter their billing and delivery details and their e-mail address. They then choose their payment method and that's it. You receive a confirmation or you can always export all the transactions at the end of the day to check your sales. It's practical, secure and affordable, costing just a few cents per transaction.

Discover the solution before you adopt it!

Simply register on the Saferpay environment to find out for yourself what QR Payements looks like. If this is the solution for you, set it up in just 3 steps.

What you need to know as a merchant

    • Easy integration via Saferpay Secure PayGate
    • Versatile solution - can be used both online and in-store
    • Guarantee that you receive your payments via direct access to the back-office platform
    • All your customers need is their smartphone to pay, using the payment method of their choice.
  • You can print the QR code and place it in your shop or take it with you when you go out. You can also display your QR code on your social media and/or website, or send it as a payment link by e-mail.

  • We've put together a detailed step-by-step guide, giving you all the information you need on how to create different QR codes. If that's not enough, you can always contact our sales team. Download the guide here.

  • Payment works like any other e-wallet where the card details are already stored. It couldn't be simpler :-)

    • Step 1: Your customer scans the QR code or clicks on the payment link.
    • Step 2: Your customer validates the amount and enters their e-mail address (not compulsory).
    • Step 3: Your customer can then pay easily using the payment method of their choice.
    • Step 4: You and your customer receive a payment confirmation e-mail.
  • • Bancontact

    • Visa debit/credit

    • Mastercard debit/credit

    • Ideal

    • American Express

    • Paypal

    • Google Pay

    • Apple Pay

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