Klarna Payments

20 / 09 / 2021

A high number of payment cancellations in the shopping cart poses a challenge for many online merchants. One reason for this could be the means of payment on offer. Or those which are not on offer. That is why we are constantly expanding the means of payment we offer.


Almost half of all customers abandon their online purchase if their preferred payment method is not accepted. Until recently, merchants were able to process a total of 26 means of payment on the web shop using the Saferpay online payment system. With Klarna Payments, three more methods have been added:

All three means of payment are easy to integrate on the Saferpay payment page.

In Switzerland, paying by invoice is just as popular as paying by credit card: according to the Swiss e-commerce opinion survey carried out in 2020, 76% of respondents said they preferred these two payment methods. Integrating Klarna Payments isn’t just worthwhile for you for this reason. Klarna also assumes both the credit and fraud risk for all payment methods.

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How can I activate Klarna Payments?

Activation couldn’t be easier:

  1. Sign a contract with Klarna directly. Then send an e-mail to: worldline.sps@klarna.com
  2. Make sure that your Saferpay connection supports Klarna Payments.
  3. Activate Klarna Payments in the Saferpay Backoffice.

Detailed information is available in our Klarna Payments Documentation