Pay & Drive

01 / 02 / 2022

With Worldline Pay & Drive, you not only provide your customers with mobile payment solutions for all petrol station services, you also improve your customer relationship management.

Man reading the WL Pay & Drive brochure on a tablet

With Worldine Pay & Drive, customers can choose between a private or a universal card, a prepaid account or a gift card from their loyalty system on their mobile to refuel, charge their electric vehicle, buy goods at a petrol station, pay for parking, use a car wash or pay in a restaurant.

The Pay & Drive wallet is integrated directly into your ecosystem and works as a part of a global payment solution (universal or private).
Thanks to a single point of contact, avoid technical and functional complexity and unnecessary discussions with various partners. Benefit from an industrial and scalable solution and influence the roadmap of future services that you can easily connect or disconnect. As Pay & Drive works as a Platform and a Service, you can easily enable cross-acceptance with other partners for maximum efficiency.