Is Europe the new payment powerhouse? | Webinar

15 / 02 / 2022

Learn about the unique role regulation plays in the European financial ecosystem when it comes to innovation.

By tackling new industry opportunities head-on and delineating the rules of engagement for players, European regulators have ensured that the market is prime for innovation in key areas like management and protection of data, online payments and digital IDs. Thanks to this, a host of new regulations such as PSD2 and GDPR have taken over the European banking and payment sectors. Sharing bank data gives tech companies the opportunity to build new business models and incumbent banks the incentive to differentiate offerings and improve their services.
European banks are now interconnected, share SEPA transfer schemes and have the ability to offer instantaneous payment processing. With developments arising through the unified European Payment Initiative and digital currencies emerging in parallel, the future of European payments is set to become digitally-driven and data-rich.
In this episode of Worldline’s Original Series ‘Transforming Payments for the Digital Age,’ we take a deep-dive into the future of payments, look at how regulation is being used to set common standards and benchmarks for innovation and explore what’s next for the European payment space.
Register for this webinar to explore:

  • The race to develop a scalable European payment experience for the digital economy and how to get ahead
  • The role of European regulation as a driver for innovation and what companies can do to use it to their advantage
  • The new European payment landscape and its strength to compete with other major payment powerhouses in the world
  • And more


  • Monica Monaco, Founder and Managing Director, TrustEUAffairs
  • Wolf Kunisch, Head of Group Strategy, Public & Regulatory Affairs, Worldline
  • Régis Folbaum, Head of Payments, La Banque Postale