Universal QR Code

Unlocking seamless and fast payments in-store and online.

A multi-wallet solution.

The universal QR code is a European solution that enables payment processing using a single dynamic QR code for all payments methods. The universal QR code is generated locally on the terminal. Customers can scan the QR code with their mobile wallet apps to initiate the transaction.

Your payment possibilities.

An effortless method for making and completing payments.

Cash is impractical while mobile payments offer convenience and security. People have grown accustomed to using mobile payment solutions and the payment methods offered by merchants play an important role in purchasing decisions.

All-in-one solution.

Compatible with all terminals under a Worldline  acquiring contract, regardless of whether they are stationary or mobile. Additionally, it works seamlessly with QR code-based payment methods, whether integrated into the cash register or stand-alone.

Automated scheme brand detection occurs.

The QR code is automatically displayed on the terminal screen, requiring no additional merchant handling. The payment process operates entirely automatically and brand recognition occurs effortlessly without the need for manual selection of the specific payment method.

Easily integrated.

All you need is an acquiring contract and a terminal with the latest software updates.

How does the Universal QR code work?

To initiate the payment, enter the amount on the terminal as usual or at the cash register if the terminal is built-in. A QR code is then generated and presented on your terminal display. The customer scans the QR code with their mobile device and confirms the payment. The terminal or the cash register then displays the successful transaction.