Mobile Payment Apps

Pay in seconds

with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay

Mobile payment via smartphone or smartwatch

These mobile payment providers make this very easy for your customers and are a convenient alternative to conventional card payments.

The payment process with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay is just like paying with a contactless credit or debit card: The smartphone or smartwatch just needs to be held up to an NFC enabled terminal from Worldline.

Simple processing using an NFC enabled terminal

All current terminals of Worldline are fitted with an NFC module (near field communication), which makes contactless payment a possibility. Our merchants are therefore well equipped for the acceptance of Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay: Your customers can also use their smartphones for payment in the same way as using contactless payment cards. This creates no additional effort or cost for the merchants. And your customer’s smartphone works as a contactless credit card.

Payment is carried out quickly, easily and, above all, securely. The encryption of the data for every transaction makes sure of that. The actual card number is not transmitted but, instead, a token (replacement number) that represents the credit or debit card of your customers is transmitted.

How does mobile payment with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay work at your terminal?

  1. Customers add their credit or debit card to the relevant payment app on their smartphone or smartwatch beforehand.
  2. Depending on the app, the customers have to unlock their smartphone using their fingerprint, face recognition or PIN to carry out the payment process.
  3. To pay, the customer holds the smartphone or smartwatch up to the NFC enabled terminal.
  4. The payment is initiated and takes place in just a few seconds. 

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