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The accounting solution for financial reconciliation

Automated reconciliation of turnover for your company

With the introduction of cashless payment and the success it has enjoyed, many merchants are faced with the challenge of posting their sales slips against bank credits across all sales channels in both distance and face-to-face business. Furthermore, the means of payment are growing in number and, with that, the complexity of settlement. It is true that every bank and every provider of payment solutions offers its data digitally, not to mention that all cash register software and every web shop provide the sales slips in electronic form. But who takes care of data procurement, secure data retrieval, the reconciliation of this data (shopping cart, payment method, bank) and posting to the correct accounts and cost centres? Worldline Payment Reconciliation Hub is the first software of its kind in Europe to solve this problem with a holistic approach.

Efficient accounting through automated reconciliation and posting

Payment Reconciliation Hub reconciles your means of payment in a fully automated manner and on a transaction-specific basis and posts it in the accounts regardless of the type of turnover (cash, cashless), place of turnover (point of sales, e-commerce or m-commerce, marketplaces) or currency.

Here’s how Payment Reconciliation Hub works

To get the ball rolling, Payment Reconciliation Hub is installed in your system environment and the service is configured to your needs. Thanks to a user-friendly management cockpit and a traffic light system, you can keep track of your transactions at all times.

  1. Payment Reconciliation Hub automatically obtains the turnover data from the checkout (cash register/POS, e-commerce and m-commerce), the acquirer’s crediting data and the bank’s account credits.
  2. The data is loaded automatically into the database of Payment Reconciliation Hub.
  3. The posting rules for automated posting are defined in the core module and data is reconciled on a transaction-specific basis.
  4. The data is exported and posted directly to your financial accounting.

Your benefits with Payment Reconciliation Hub

Why automated reconciliation with Payment Reconciliation Hub is a great idea for you

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