What To Know About Partnering With Us

In life, it is nice to have a go-to-person, a confidant if you will – someone who will have your back and look out for your best interests. The same goes when it comes to online payments.

A man and a woman handchecking at the office

Integrating payments into your software with Worldline provides you with an entire payments team. Focus on growing your business, and leave the risk mitigation, extensive payment certification, and uncovering the latest payment trends to us!

If that sounds enticing, let us walk you through what you would have access to if you decided to choose Worldline as your partner in payments.

Meet The Team!

When you partner with Worldline, you will realize an entire team is eager to elevate your revenue growth.

First up is our Business Developers

This team knows the payment options that best suit your industry. They are dedicated to providing your business with a well thought out payments playbook. They will recommend new products and services, as well as propose and develop new strategic partnerships.

Let’s get technical

The integrations team is here to help you connect your software to our platform. Talking code is basically a first language to them, and they will guide you through the more technical side of the integration process so you can get running as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Your new go-to

The Account Managers are the payment experts who are there to celebrate your wins and guide you through any questions you may have. Think of them as your trusted allies, driving growth for your business and relaying your voice throughout Worldline.

Our everyday heroes

Our Customer Care specialists are the superheroes behind the Worldline platform. Available by both phone and email (and in French if you prefer!), the Customer Care team will go above and beyond to ensure your customers’ questions are answered.

The people behind the green curtain

Working behind the scenes is our marketing team. These payments nerds are here to educate you and your staff on the ever-evolving payments industry. For a light read or some in-depth knowledge, check out our Resource Center; it is full of information business owners need to know about payments.

Now that the introductions are over, you can see how each team contributes to creating a frictionless payment experience. But, you may be wondering what to expect from the actual payment experience for your customers. Don’t worry, that is where Worldline truly shines!


The Tools For A Flexible & Frictionless Experience

Partnering with Worldline makes it simple to provide a wide range of payment options to your customers. Whether you are looking to enable payments online or bank-to-bank, Worldline has you covered!

The payment types that matter

Payment types really do matter to consumers. When it comes to that crucial moment during checkout, if consumers don’t see their preferred payment type, your customers might be saying goodbye to revenue. Whether it is credit or debit cards, card brand wallets, or even phone and mail-in payments, your customers can accept payments from anybody across North America, regardless of how they want to pay.

Did someone say EFT AND ACH?

We offer the ability to make tasks like payroll and expense reimbursement efficient with our Billing and Transfers wheelhouse. Through Worldline, your customers can leverage our batch processing for credit cards and eft/ach. Above all, you can pull batch reporting for your customers via our APIs, offering the one-stop-shop experience within your software.

Security first

Worldline offers Secure Payment Profiles that efficiently and safely store credit card information on the Worldline server. This reduces your PCI scope. When it comes to subscription-based businesses or nonprofits collecting donations, Secure Payment Profiles are key!

All aboard!

What would a partnership be if we did not allow each other to grow? Onboarding via our RESTful APIs or Hosted Screens provides for a fast ramp-up for your customers. The onboarding experience is frictionless and will enable you to have a hands-off approach.


We Have Your Back

Fraud is an inevitable occurrence when processing online. However, it is easy to mitigate with the right people on your side. We have a variety of risk tools that can protect you and your customers.


Wait, There Is More!

We want to show you off on our Partner Listing. Worldline is excited about what you have to offer your customers! Let us exhibit your business with a description of what you do best on our trustworthy marketplace.

Let Worldline help you scale your business with the team, products, and security that will allow you to create the most hands-off payment experience possible.

If this sounds like a strong beginning to a long-lasting relationship for you, let’s chat!