Worldline takes payment processing services in the US to the next level I Blog

01 / 02 / 2024

Recognising the ever-increasing appetite for better payment processing, Worldline has launched an enhanced service that will see its global e-commerce customers operating in the US market, benefit from better authorisation rates, optimised processing costs, faster remittance, and broader geographic coverage, with over 130 currencies offered.

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With a population of over 340 million Worldine’s solution has been designed to meet the demands of the strategically critical US e-commerce market, which itself is likely to exceed $1.4 trillion in sales in 2027 (source: Statista).

According to Statista, over 79.3% of the US population are digital buyers, while 46% of online purchases are made by smartphone. Although cards and digital wallets remain the most popular online payment methods, mobile payments are also increasingly popular, and mobile commerce now represents nearly half of all e-commerce transactions across North America.

In particular, the United States plays a pivotal role in the global e-commerce, shaping trends and setting benchmarks for other countries to follow. It is a dynamic force driven by technological advancements, innovation, and a population well-versed in technology, all backed by a resilient digital infrastructure. This has led to an e-commerce market in the U.S. that keeps growing. This vast and diverse market presents great opportunities for businesses. Its easy access to data and robust logistics network make it an efficient machine for e-commerce and a highly desirable, far-expanding opportunity for online businesses. Additionally, American sellers are highly preferred in the country, which further solidifies its dominance in mobile e-commerce and digital commerce.

Worldline’s service solution

Worldline’s enhanced service will offer significant benefits, offering the best performance rates at the best processing costs for customers, without them having to undergo the complexity and expense of securing their own licence in the US.

Worldline’s ongoing strategy is aimed at minimising payment barriers between online businesses and their customers. Our focus and expertise enable us to roll-out our local collecting solutions with scalability and cost-efficiency as key priorities, particularly with regard to the critical US e-commerce marketplace.

Five key advantages of choosing Worldline as your acquirer of choice:

Best performance at competitive price

  • Worldline’s enhanced solution will deliver direct on-us (where the issuing and acquiring bank are the same) processing for better authorisation rates and optimised costs

Locations and currencies

  • Worldline will facilitate more than 130 currencies and make settlement of funds directly into US Dollars

Business models per vertical

  • The solution presents a full suite of services for a wide range of verticals - including travel, retail, marketplaces, digital and gaming – and affords support for recurring payments

Improved cash flow cash flow

  • Settlement of funds can be made in two days


  • Compliance with the highest security standards including 3Dv2

Accepting all major global payment cards, the service is also Apple Pay and Google Pay compliant. This enhanced service solution will significantly ease the respective payment journeys of both online businesses and their customers.

Worldline is a global PSP that specializes in online and cross-border payment, enabling you to access more than 150+ payment methods with global coverage, not only in the United States but also in some of the high-growth markets like South Korea, Türkiye, and Latin America.

The full list of the key benefits of the US acquiring solution can be found here.

Albéric Desombre

Head of Geo Expansion North America for Merchant Services, Worldline