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Our multitude of fraud tools block risky transactions, protect payment data, and ensure payments are legitimate.

Stop fraud in its tracks

Risk Thresholds

Block fraudulent transactions by setting a Risk Threshold for your customers. Worldline can determine the risk by monitoring different variables within the transaction. If a transaction is assigned a risk score greater than the threshold, it is up to you to decide what happens. You can either set it up to get alerted for your approval or automatically decline it. By enabling risk thresholds for your customers, you can greatly decrease their risk of fraudulent transactions.

Verify transactions

Address Verification System

AVS stops fraud before it happens. At checkout, if the address information supplied by a cardholder does not match what the card issuing bank has on file, the transaction can be rejected. 

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Mitigate risks

Card Verification Value

The verification number associated with a payment card confirms the customer has the actual card on hand at the moment of purchase. If the CVV does not match or cannot be provided, the transaction can be rejected.

Encrypt confidential payment data


Worldline’s tokenization service encrypts every piece of your customers' payment data into a single token that is stored on our PCI-Level 1 certified server, making sensitive data undecipherable. The encrypted token can then be used whenever your customers make a repeat purchase. 

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