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Worldline and SandenVendo to showcase Proof of Concept for Smart Vending Solutions at EVEX 2016

Worldline and SandenVendo to showcase Proof of Concept for Smart Vending Solutions at EVEX 2016

Bezons, 24.11.2016 - Worldline [Euronext: WLN] and SandenVendo will be showcasing Proofs Of Concept (POC) for Smart Vending Solutions at the European Vending Experience “EVEX 2016”, a unique event for all sectors of the Vending and Office Coffee Service (OCS) industry in Cannes 24/25 November. Worldline is the European leader for payment and transactional services, and SandenVendo is known for its long history, heritage and reliability in manufacturing Vending Machines.

Worldline has always been recognised for its high-quality payment terminals and has an excellent track-record for innovation. With VALINA, Worldline confirms its capability as a technology leader in the market and strengthens its leadership by covering multiple domains of innovation: mechanics, electronics and software. Embedding a powerful and cutting-edge technology to support a full set of features, our device is unique: compact, convenient, complete and versatile enough to answer all our customers’ challenges!

VALINA is the first all-in-one Android-based payment terminal for PIN-secured transactions. Thanks to its EVA-compliant measurements, VALINA fits kiosks, vending and ticket machines, petrol stations and many other applications. The introduction of a secure ANDROID operating system opens an entire new world to our partners, who can enrich the interface with multimedia touchscreen, and provide value-added payment and non-payment applications such as loyalty, couponing and wallets. Moreover, Worldline assures backwards compatibility so that integrators can easily port their existing applications.


Vincent Roland, General Manager Merchant Services at Worldline: We are proud to launch such an innovative terminal! It meets all the challenging requirements for unattended payments. The Android platform offers card-holders a familiar interface, and attracts up-to-date developers. We are also proud of our focus on sustainability, not just because this is a terminal with intelligent power-consumption but also because of our effective waste management at every step of the manufacturing process.

The G-Snack SM6 vending machine from SandenVendo is extremely capable and versatile. It offers an optional speedy elevator system to ensure products are delivered safely and reliably while also allowing fragile or delicate items to be stocked at any height. New user-friendly features include a large display in blue characters with a new easy door latching system. New software features of shelf detection and secure vending system make the machine complete.

Developed in a total fusion of Japanese technology and Italian craftsmanship, the G-Caffè Espresso ES7 is the first ever automatic 1000 cup espresso coffee machine: user friendly, with easy maintenance including the Vendo “all-in-one-site drawer”.

Get a taste of the new Vending Experience from Worldline and SandenVendo!

By integrating VALINA in the proven G-Snack SM6 Master and G-caffé Espresso ES7 machines, both companies take advantage of their respective expertise to help build a new Vending Experience.

Beyond simple payment and multi-vend transactions, Worldline and SandenVendo new Vending Experience opens up the opportunity to control the entire machine with the VALINA display enriching the consumers experience with a seamless product selection and real-time information on the chosen product; we also allow operators to engage via a tablet and to access to back-office information, telemetry and a wealth of retail possibilities.  


Stefaan van Baelen, General Manager Sales & Marketing at Sanden International (Europe) Ltd.:SandenVendo is very proud to partner-up with Worldline to present the POC for Smart Vending Solutions. As a global company, we strive to quest for the newest and highest possible standard of technology in order to meet our customer’s ever growing needs. Moreover, we commit ourselves to providing environmentally-friendly solutions. The VALINA reflects perfectly our daily endeavours to implement added value and “green” choices to our industry.


These POCs will be showcased for the first time during EVEX 2016, at the Worldline stand #1, where visitors can also discover other products and services.

Do not miss seeing our next generation all-in-one terminal in action!

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It is already possible to arrange interview appointments with the experts from Worldline on site at the EVEX 2016 and by phone. E-mail us at worldline@aressy.rp.com or call us on +33 (0)1 85 76 30 52 or +33 (0)1 85 76 12 09.

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