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Worldline is on track to achieving its CSR TRUST 2020 objectives

Worldline is on track to achieving its CSR TRUST 2020 objectives

  • Worldline has achieved in the TRUST 2020 business area, customer satisfaction - 8.1/10
  • 76/100 on the EcoVadis evaluation scale in 2017, Worldline joins the very restricted TOP 1% of the best sustainable companies assessed by EcoVadis in all categories
  • 75% of Worldline’s main KPIs have improved, since the launch of its CSR strategy


Bezons, May 3, 2018 – Worldline, [Euronext: WLN] European leader in the payments and transactional services industry, announces it has already achieved close to 40% of its TRUST 2020 objectives in just two years, as measured by the 14 concrete Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) related to its CSR main strategic challenges in the areas of services availability, sustainable innovation, customer satisfaction, security, data protection, talent attractiveness, responsible procurement and environment. In setting its TRUST 2020 objectives two years ago, Worldline sought to put “Trust at the heart of everything we do”, making CSR a transformative vehicle to mobilize the entire company in order to implement the associated action plans and initiatives.


TRUST 2020 achievements at a glance

Regarding the TRUST 2020 business area, Worldline achieved its long-term goals, related to customer satisfaction, by reaching an overall score of 8.1/10 and, related to the revenue generated through its sustainable offers, by surpassing its € 725 million objective.

Regarding responsible procurement practices, Worldline has been awarded, for the second year in a row, the Gold recognition level by the independent extra-financial assessor EcoVadis. With an overall score of 76/100 on the EcoVadis evaluation scale in 2017, Worldline joins the very restricted TOP 1% of the best sustainable companies assessed by EcoVadis in all categories.

Regarding the environment, Worldline also achieved its TRUST 2020 climate change goal by offsetting 100% of the carbon emissions from its payment terminals’ lifecycle. The company has also offset 100% emissions from its data centers and business travels, thus reducing its global environmental footprint.

Worldline’s CSR KPIs on an upward trend

From a general perspective and in parallel to its TRUST 2020 achievements, Worldline has made substantial progress in all its KPIs that monitor its CSR performance in the fourth strategic areas, bringing the company closer to its other TRUST 2020 targets. Since the launch of its CSR strategy, 75% of Worldline’s main KPIs have improved, especially regarding services availability, employee satisfaction and responsible procurement.

As an example, in terms of its business performance, Worldline solved 98.67% of security incidents in compliance with its security policy, performed 57.3% of private impacts assessments (PIA) on its critical services which represents almost a 25% increase compared to the baseline and achieved an alignment of 98.58% regarding the Service Level Agreements (SLA) on response time.

Regarding social progress, Worldline’s efforts and actions in making the company a great place to work continue to be encouraged by an increase of its employees’ overall satisfaction rate in the Great Place To Work® survey. In three years, Worldline has achieved a significant 8-points increase in employee satisfaction, thus positioning the company just 2 points away from its 2020 target. In the area of talent attractiveness, Worldline also obtained the “Happy Trainees” label, the “Best in Chile” award and has been recognized as a TOP 100 employer by the Figaro (French media), thus reinforcing its employer brand.
In 2017, 88.4% (versus 86% in 2016) of Worldline employees declared themselves satisfied with the trainings provided by the company.

CSR Performance ratings and rewards

During the past months, these achievements and progress have been widely recognized and rewarded by leading independent extra-financial rating agencies including MSCI and oekom research AG, thus reinforcing Worldline’s position as a CSR leader in its industry.

In light of these headways, Worldline also joined the new standards of the GRI for its 2017 extra-financial reporting, entered the Sustainalytics Index and increased its rating in the Gaia sustainability evaluation.

Focus on 2018 CSR priorities

These great results encourage Worldline to step up efforts and implement all the necessary action plans and innovative CSR initiatives in line with the new market trends to accelerate this momentum and progress further toward its 2020 targets in all areas. For 2018, Worldline’s top management decided to set priorities on increasing employee satisfaction, rebalancing gender equity, increasing the use of renewable energies and better influencing its suppliers towards sustainable practices. 

Sébastien Mandron, Worldline’s Corporate Social Responsibility Officer, stated: "This positive trend encourages us to accelerate the progress toward the other set objectives, to increase the level of ambition of achieved targets early on and to define further commitments to be reached in the forthcoming years in each strategic area.
This confirms that CSR is a key catalyst for progress and performance for the company, its ecosystem as a whole and society at large.”



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Worldline [Euronext: WLN] is the European leader in the payments and transactional services industry. Worldline delivers new-generation services, enabling its customers to offer smooth and innovative solutions to the end consumer. Key actor for B2B2C industries, with over 45 years of experience, Worldline supports and contributes to the success of all businesses and administrative services in a perpetually evolving market. Worldline offers a unique and flexible business model built around a global and growing portfolio, thus enabling end-to-end support. Worldline activities are organized around three axes: Merchant Services, Mobility & e-Transactional Services, Financial Services including equensWorldline. Worldline employs more than 9,400 people worldwide, with estimated revenue of circa 1.6 billion euros on a yearly basis. Worldline is an Atos company. worldline.com


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