Bizum. Transaction equals trust.

Original, innovative, and easy to use. Bizum is one of the utmost promising payment solutions we have in our offer.

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If you have a mobile, you have money

Being fast and easy are two of Bizum’s remarkable qualities. Add cheap and you’ve got the perfect payment method. Bizum is transparent and easy-to-use, both for consumers and merchants. Bizum is not only innovative it is also an additional payment method that will increase loyalty among your customers.

Now Worldline is about to make this payment option ever more frictionless and ensuring online payments are done as easily as between individuals.



Available on any smartphone irrespective of the user’s bank


All you need is the recipient’s mobile number, nothing else


In less than 20 seconds the money is in the recipient's account



Derived from having the support of all major Spanish banks


Bizum is free for individuals and very cheap for merchants

Easy and fast
integration process

Worldline is here to help

Highly engaged

Within the new generation
of e-shoppers


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Paying by Bizum through Worldline has been designed to simplify the payment process and make it more visual and intuitive, creating a frictionless user experience. Simply select the Bizum payment option, enter your registered phone number, enter your password and pay.

From a merchant perspective, the integration of Bizum payment through Worldline is very simple, so those who are interested in its benefits can start processing Bizum payments quickly.

We go the extra mile for you: we creatively meet your needs in ways that go above and beyond. Rather than just a basic service we provide more functionalities for your purchase process. We offer a personalised service, advice and that little extra that will make your life easier.

Personalised service

If you’re looking for a payment provider with a difference, added value for money and services, get in touch.


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