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Conversational Platform

A chatbot platform that allows you to manage all your customer services information from one place.

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Thousands of customer questions. Instant answers.

Your customers have so many questions every day. Wouldn’t it be great if these could be answered without requiring time from your customer service team? Worldline Conversational Platform is a digital customer service solution to make that ambition a reality. It facilitates automated answers for almost all customer queries, so you can give your customers the answers they need, when they need them. Plus, it’s a brilliant opportunity to provide value-added services and improve customer experience.

Satisfy the growing appetite for self-serve.

Worldline Conversational Platform recognises the need for speed. It has five complete offers: FAQ chatbot, masterbot, livechat, voicebot and callbot, all handled through one interface. FAQ chatbot is the pinnacle feature of this digital customer service solution which starts off the customer query process answering simple questions. As almost every question can be answered this way, your customers can use it around the clock, solving problems out of business hours.

Leave no question unanswered.

We made sure that Worldline Conversational Platform includes the option to speak to an advisor. If our chatbot can’t reach a desired answer, or a customer asks to speak to an advisor, we’ll simply trigger the escalation process. Depending on the channel they’re using, this handy process connects them to live chat or call-back to resolve their query. And for more complex use cases, we offer two other dynamic customer management products - Worldline Contact and Worldline Trusted Interactions - to help your business fly.

Put the power of chatbots into your business.

Self-serve is a blessing for advisors. Fewer incoming requests. Less time spent on repetitive questions that our AI conversational platform can answer. An average reduction in customer service costs of 30% as you win back time, efficiency and capability. Plus they can focus on the more important stuff and feel more fulfilled in the long run. Offering a responsive, digitally-led customer service solution will also boost your business image and prepare you for the future as more customers seek conversational agents to quickly solve their questions.

Get to know your customers even better.

Worldline Conversational Platform doesn’t just exist to streamline customer service processes. You’ll be able to collect data and measure performance via conversation analytics, customer behaviour and feedback. All of which will help you to gain crucial insight into how this digital customer service solution is performing for your business. It’ll also help you answer customer questions more effectively since the feedback means you can make answers more relevant. It notes customers preferred contact methods too, and saves conversation histories.

Welcome to effective customer management.

Simple. Efficient. On-brand. Our chatbot is designed to revolutionise the way you serve your customers. Watch the video to see this digital customer service solution in action.

Smart customer service

With over 90% of questions recognised by our chatbot, no query is too complex. You’ll find that your customers can self-serve to find almost all the answers they need, saving your advisors from monotonous tasks that can be solved automatically. And for any questions that can’t be answered, your advisors can step in. Discover more below.

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