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Payment & Liquidity Management

A payment & liquidity software solution that boosts performance and reduces operating costs.

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Trusted by big banks.

Want to save on fund transfer pricing and the settlement of obligations while reducing the amount of collateral you have to maintain? Then you’ve come to the right place. Join some of Europe’s leading financial institutions and take advantage of Payment and Liquidity Management, our comprehensive CRISTAL software package. Four out of ten leading EU banks already have which is why we now help customers secure settlements of over €500 Bn every day.

Multiple delivery models

Our solution for payment and liquidity management fully supports ISO 20022 deployment, and can be delivered either on-premise as licensed software or via SaaS. Designed to help you reduce operating costs and observe regulatory changes while saving money on the rest of the value chain. Discover the services it includes below.

Liquidity management

If you want guaranteed compliance while accelerating your time-to-market, look no further. This service manages intraday liquidity in real-time, helping you to forecast assets to cover funding requirements and carry out monitoring to improve control over cash flow. You’ll be equipped to preserve and save on collateral requirements, and we’ll help you manage collateral given to Central Banks. We'll also monitor impacts on global liquidity so your finger's always on the pulse of the latest developments and you can better mitigate risk.

Payment gateway

Consolidate and monitor all incoming and outgoing payment by routing, formatting, monitoring and managing exceptions. Plus, as our Payment and Liquidity Management solution absorbs yearly changes in format standard and Clearing and Settlement, you’ll find that we can reduce the impact on your back-office. You get more control over your intraday liquidity by implementing intraday scheduling. You'll even be able to reduce the total cost of ownership and spare resources, which can save you about one third of Central Bank collateral deposits and liquidity buffers whilst also cutting exposure to Central Banks’ interest rates. 

Instant payments

Our engine is designed to deliver real flexibility and performance, and our plans include extending our Instant Payments service to multi-currency processing services. Learn more about instant payments.

How to get harmonised collateral management in the eurozone

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