What is Recurring Billing?

For businesses that want to accept payments in recurring intervals without the cardholder having to reenter his her credit card information, recurring…

3 women at the gym pulling on a cord

Recurring billing allows merchants to automate payments that occur at set intervals.

Business who have a recurring billing cycle, i.e., gyms, SaaS software companies, municipalities or charities can improve their accounts receivable by implementing an automated recurring billing solution.

Businesses can avoid data entry mistakes while decreasing both cost and time spent processing their billing files. Businesses can also proactively help to reduce credit card declines and out-of-date card information by scheduling email alert notifications for soon to be expired credit cards or through the help of card updater.

Through robust tracking and reporting tools, Businesses have stronger insight into their customers analytics and recurring revenue. With Bambora’s Tokenization, businesses can keep their stored customer payment information encrypted and secure.

For the more technologically advanced, Bambora’s Restful APIs allow merchants to customize their website or app with recurring billing through a seamless integration.

Automating your recurring billing cycle with Bambora saves you time and money!