Onboarding Made Easy

See how Worldline was able to save Auphan’s customers countless time, resources, and stress. With Auphan payments through Worldline, onboarding has never been

Auphan Case

The challenge

If you have ever ordered from a Quizno’s, Blenz Coffee, Vitality Bowls, Chronic Taco’s, or a Vij’s your order was completed using Auphan Software.

Founded in 2002, Auphan Software is an international point of sale and business solutions provider for the hospitality and food services industry.

Auphan Software has offered online ordering for a while, but there wasn’t always a way to make an online payment. Plus, their onboarding process was plagued with multiple pass offs and often required support from their customers’ in-house technicians.

Auphan needed to find a partner who could help them scale their e-commerce presence while still keeping them secure.

The solution

Auphan Software began comparing payment providers and finally settled on Worldline. While other companies also offered comparable onboarding tools, they were unwilling to accept the risk of Auphan’s end customers, and that was a deal breaker.

Did you know Worldline underwrites and assumes all risk on sub-merchant accounts? Other payment providers place the risk on the partner, leaving them liable if their customers go bankrupt.

The results

Today, Auphan has signed up over 550 customers with Worldline and counting, of which 489 were onboarded in less than eight weeks!

Worldline was able to save Auphan’s customers countless time, resources, and stress.

"Simply, the customer service was amazing. Having a dedicated account representative handling and coordinating the accounts while also being extremely responsive made all the difference."

Andrew Ould, Director of Operations, North America

As Auphan continues to build their e-commerce portfolio, they will continue to count on Worldline to be their Partner in Payments®.