The Future Of School Is Easy

From hot lunch programs to school fee payments, Easy Schools education software has simplified operations for schools across North America.

Easy School Case

Kids grow up fast. From kindergarten to grade twelve, they are in and out of school before you know it. But while kids will be kids, parents are often left rushing to make sure their kids are fed, enrolled in programs, and school fees are paid on time. The last thing parents want is to forget their child’s lunch form on the counter!

There had to be a better way to alleviate the challenges of paperwork and payments faced by schools and parents. As the saying goes, “there’s an app for that.” With over a decade of experience in education software, Easy School began creating apps to update outdated processes that school administrators and parents struggle with every day. Easy School skyrocketed once schools realized how much time these apps can save them and how easy they are to implement.

The Challenge

Easy Schools’ platform hosts a multitude of apps, such as hot lunch programs, locker administration, and paying school fees online. Initially starting with one payment provider Easy School branched out, bringing Worldline on board to give their customers more options. As they grew, issues began to arise with their original payment provider – and things went from irritating to frustrating.

The payment provider started freezing school funds and withholding money, all while giving the schools the run around on who was responsible. Easy School was left spending half their time trying to get help for their customers and getting nowhere.

The Solution

Easy School wanted to provide a world-class experience for their customers, yet their customers were struggling with payments. They decided it was time to move away from their original provider. Getting clients to switch payment processors is no easy task, but after more and more customers began dealing with the payment pains, Easy School came up with a plan. They began migrating some of their accounts over to Worldline. After the first handful went smooth, they started a campaign to move all their accounts to Worldline.

Easy School wanted their clients to have a relationship based on trust and a mutual understanding of their past frustrations. If there was an issue with a client’s bank account or information, Easy School wanted one contact who could have it fixed. They wanted consistent answers to their questions and prompt resolution.

The Results

“What I love is that I don’t really hear anything about you guys from anybody. Which is a good thing. I’m not dealing with complaints or problems like I was from this other provider, which used to take up half of my day. And we were getting so frustrated because we couldn’t do anything about it! Now, if we have so much as a question, we receive a response from Worldline within an hour! This has changed our lives.” – Leann Fox

Worldline can switch Easy School customers to a Worldline customer in as quick as one day. The hours spent off the phone and not dealing with payment issues has allowed Easy School to focus more on their customers and delivering the best quality service possible. Over 1,800 schools in 12 countries trust the applications provided by Easy School to make their lives easier.

The flexibility and breadth of Easy School’s platform encompass everything schools need to operate smoothly. With Easy School and Worldline, customer operations have been as seamless and hands-off as anyone could hope for. Now, Easy School can focus on the next application to free up school resources, making knowledge the most powerful resource once again.