Two Platforms – One Seamless Solution

Customer support and simple billing solutions were what Clear Solutions was looking for in a payment provider. See how Worldline helped Clear Solutions

Clear Solution Case

Simplicity was key to finding the right payment partner for Clear Solutions.

For over a decade, Clear Solutions has been the premier supplier of windshield repair solutions for some of the largest automotive service providers in North America. Not only does Clear Solutions deliver cutting edge technology for windshield repair, but they also offer training for automotive clients to add windshield repair as a service.

The Situation

As Clear Solutions’ sales volume increased, they needed to update their online store to reflect their growing business. After a recommendation from a family friend, Clear Solutions went with LemonStand, a leading e-commerce software platform for online retailers looking to grow their online business. Both companies are headquartered in Canada, and with LemonStand’s flexible e-commerce solution and excellent track record of over 2,000 satisfied customers, making the shift was an easy choice.

Now that Clear Solutions had the e-commerce platform that could take their business to the next level, they needed a payment solution that reflected their transaction volume and would be the right fit for their business and LemonStand’s platform.

LemonStand firmly believes their clients should have a choice when it comes to payment processors, but they highly recommended using Worldline, a standard payment gateway for LemonStand.

Clear Solutions wanted a payment processor that could offer something different than the rest. Communication was the most significant issue to be resolved. Previous providers would often update their user interface without notice, and locating the proper documentation on their websites was often a challenge. Clear Solutions was tired of poor customer service, chatting with bots, and other self-serve support systems.

The Solution

Worldline offered Clear Solutions the communication they desired, and the support to back it up. With a real person to talk to, Clear Solutions could breathe a sigh of relief any time they had any issues or questions.

We can get a live person to talk to at any time, which is so important. We are a tight-knit team, and to be able to reconcile our account on a monthly basis easily is a huge win for us.


The billing solutions from Worldline were easy to understand, with the monthly invoice being located directly in the email, without having to open in PDF. Reconciliation for Clear Solutions’ team could be done without accessing Worldline’s Portal.

In addition to the customer support and simple billing solutions, Worldline also provided Clear Solutions with fraud tools for complex fraud issues such as chargebacks. Chargebacks had burned Clear Solutions in the past, and Worldline was able to make sure Clear Solutions had the added security features necessary to combat fraud without affecting customer purchases.

The Results

Switching their payment services over to Worldline allowed for Clear Solutions to streamline their reconciliation process and save countless hours having a Worldline team member on the phone to walk them through any issues. Worldline was also able to help Clear Solutions by working with them to win a dispute over a chargeback, protecting their business and bottom line right out of the gate.

Communication was the definite winner in this case. Worldline’s team is always there to support Clear Solutions as they continue to innovate new technology and provide unparalleled service to automotive manufacturers across North America.