Retail Suite

Seamless checkout solution to help retail businesses grow on all channels.

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Checkout is a journey. Make it a great one.

Part of providing the best customer experience is considering every part of their journey. Checkout plays a part in this more than you might realise. With Worldline Retail Suite, you can choose the payment solution that best fits your retail needs, to lift customer experiences and make each step of the journey worth it.

Payment solutions that close the sale.

Shopping cart abandonment doesn't have to be a problem. If you provide reliable, convenient payment methods, your customers will be more than happy to close the deal with you. Discover how our dedicated retail payment solution can enhance customer experiences and close more sales.

Improve conversion rates.

Whether it’s offering a local wallet or a private card, providing a broad range of options at checkout is crucial for increasing conversion. Worldline Retail Suite covers in-store, online and omnichannel acceptance, both locally and across Europe. No matter your payment needs, this flexible multi-currency solution is fully customisable. So, whether you want to reach new customers, enhance your consumer experience across all channels or increase internal efficiency, we’ve got you covered.

Create strong relationships.

Shoppers value loyalty, rewards and a personalised touch. Worldline Retail Suite enables you to do all of this whilst capturing valuable data to build meaningful long-term relationships that adapt to your customers’ changing expectations and needs. You’ll also enjoy direct interactions with them through payment terminals via surveys or other personalised touches. The result? A better view of your performance and customer behaviour so that you can build experiences they’ll want to come back for time and time again.

Enjoy improved satisfaction.

The satisfaction of your customers is just as important as the growth of your business. Worldline Retail Suite aims to please, with all of your challenges taken into consideration. Managing multiple payment providers? Let us simplify it as your sole point of contact. Struggling with the workload internally? We take care of it. Want to personalise the shopping experience? Use the business insights we provide. When you optimise your checkout experience by letting us do the hard graft, you’ll enjoy more time to focus on other areas of your retail business.

Transform experiences everywhere.

Retail shopping is all about innovation. Whether your business is online, in-store or a combination of the two, we can bring you that innovation across every channel, allowing payments to be quick and simple. No queuing needed. Even better, if you want to enable innovative use cases such as Scan & Pay, Try & Buy or equip your sales with Tap on Mobile, we've got you covered. Watch the video to learn more.