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With the Live-Pay online payment service, you can reach an even larger audience and receive payments online through our platform for all Visa, Mastercard and Maestro debit, credit and prepaid cards.

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Benefits for your business

Gain access to the platform, create your personal profile and start accepting online card payments for the services you provide.

    • 3D Secure channel fully aligned with PSD2 protocols
    • Online collection channel at no cost and investment in infrastructure deployment, operating 24/7
    • Online monitoring and managing of payment collection in real time
    • Option to modify the payment form by adding desired fields (e.g. logos, business description, etc.)
    • Free use of the service
    • Fast and easy payment 24/7
    • Ability to make payments without registering
    • Ability to make payments in interest-free instalments
    • Payments also possible through the Live-Pay app
    • Utility company bills (electricity, telephony and water supply)
    • Private insurance premiums
    • Hotels and travel agencies
    • Private schools, seminars, gyms, etc.
    • Sports clubs and associations
  • Pay with your card whenever you want from your Android smartphone, computer or tablet.

  • You do not have to register to use Live-Pay.

    However, if you wish to store the details of payments you make regularly, you can register with Live-Pay to create your own personal account.

  • You can pay your bills from cooperating businesses in 3 steps:

    1. Select the business you wish to pay.
    2. Fill in the transaction details – amount, payment code, etc.
    3. Fill in your card details.
  • If you register for Live-Pay or download the Live-Pay app to make your payments more quickly.

  • Fill out the online registration form and your personal account on Live-Pay is activated immediately. To manage your payments more easily:

    • Save the details of your credit and prepaid cards under a name that is easy to remember.

    Each time you make a payment, you simply select the card by its friendly name. The details are filled out automatically.

    • Save your favourite transactions: Save the details of payments you make regularly the first time you make one.

    Next time, there is no need to fill out all the payment details from scratch.

    • Search for transactions in the payment history: You can find past payments in your payment history. You can reprint payment receipts and create electronic folders with your transactions.

    Εκτυπώνετε ξανά τις αποδείξεις πληρωμής και δημιουργείτε ηλεκτρονικά αρχεία με τις συναλλαγές σας.

    • Automatic logout

    If you log in to Live-Pay through the Live-Pay app and remain inactive for some minutes, you are automatically logged out.

  • If you log in to Live-Pay through the Live-Pay app and remain inactive for some minutes, you are automatically logged out.

  • What does it cost to use Live-Pay?

    The provision of Live-Pay includes upgrades based on mandates from the international Visa and Mastercard organizations and it is maintained for free. The only cost to the business is a commission for transaction clearance.

    How do you monitor your online payments?

    You can quickly and easily manage your transactions with complete notification from the Live-Pay management tool (cancellation, partial or full refund).

    Can I accept payments in instalments?

    Yes, payments are accepted either as one-time or by instalments, provided the card participates in the scheme.



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