Why Choose Worldline’s Payment Integration Kits For Your eCommerce Platform?

12 / 05 / 2021

Worldline's NextGen payment integration kit is the ideal solution for eCommerce merchants. Experience one-click integration, single-page checkout, 350+ payment options, secure mobile payments, and industry-leading fraud management services. Simplify your customers' online shopping experience.


The onset of COVID-19 has brought the eCommerce industry to the forefront of retail. It has accelerated digital transformation and leads to a paradigm shift in consumer behaviour, be it towards shopping online for essential or non-essential categories. In the new normal world, it has become imperative for businesses across industries to adapt and be flexible for meeting the changing needs. The aim of delivering a seamless customer experience has resulted in the emergence of direct-to-consumer (D2C) distribution channels. With the rise of D2C eCommerce in India, a strong ecosystem has emerged along with a big consumer opportunity to drive growth via a digital-first approach and most importantly, to provide a delightful shopping experience.

Simplifying Online Shopping Experience For eCommerce Platforms

In conversation with Sheik Mohideen, Vice President – SMB, Channel and Bank Alliances, Worldline India about his views on how the pandemic has shaped the eCommerce arena and how they are working towards simplifying the online shopping experience for the eCommerce platforms, this is what he had to say.

“For any online shopping, a sale gets completed for the merchant as well as the consumer only when the payment is processed successfully. Considering this fact, our mission and focus are to empower SMEs in India by enabling digital payments, for them to provide a seamless payment experience for their users.

We simplify the payment experience by providing single-click integration, a wide range of plug-ins supporting various eCommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, OpenCart, WordPress and an effective dispute resolution mechanism for merchants and their users. Being a global payment provider, we have a strong partnership with Schemes (Card Networks), Banks and Acquirers across the world.

This enables us to accept 350+ payment options. The eCommerce platforms that are connected with us can collect payments as per their user’s preference and convenience in India and 175+ other countries in international markets.”

He further elaborated on why a merchant should consider Worldline’s payment integration kit for their eCommerce platform.

“As we are aware, there is a phenomenal growth in digital transactions in the country and more than 60% of this growth is being contributed by the eCommerce segment. Considering this, the most imperative elements for an eCommerce platform provider is to focus on scale, convenience and managing fraud for their users.

As a leading Payment Service Provider having more than two decades of payments experience in India and 4 decades of experience in international markets, we have built our NextGen payment integration kit to handle these elements and provide a better experience to their end consumers.

We provide a fully integrated payment solution for eCommerce platforms with:

  1. One-click integration
  2. Single page check-out
  3. 350+ payment options in India and international markets
  4. Seamless payment experience on mobile and other connected devices
  5. PCI DSS & ISO complaints with regular third-party audits
  6. RMS (Risk Management Service) integrated platform to mitigate transactional and merchant-level frauds

Our NextGen Payment Gateway is the most innovative, simple, stable and secure solution for any eCommerce merchants/platform to integrate and provide a better experience to their users.”

What Worldline’s Customers Have To Say

Our Magento store benefitted a lot after integrating with Worldline. With their all-innovative payment integration kit, single-click integration was possible. The customers just can’t get enough of the shopping experience powered by the responsive interface and seamless checkouts. If you are looking to grow your eCommerce business, you should consider partnering with Worldline.”
- Raman Kumar Gangaramani, Vice President – Retail, Red Chief.

“Integrating my Magento store with the new and updated payment integration kit from Worldline was smooth and seamless. With so many new payment features, it has made the shopping experience for my customers a true delight. It is a must to have a payment partner like Worldline who provides you with tailored solutions to meet all your business requirements.”
- Jaison Devasia, IT Head, Nandilath G Mart

Worldline India Editorial Team