How to Enhance your Shopify Store with Worldline Payment Gateway

21 / 11 / 2022

Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms that is preferred by many emerging businesses to get started with online selling.


Consumers are shopping online, and businesses that have an online presence have a huge opportunity to capitalise on this changing consumer behaviour. Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms that is preferred by many emerging businesses to get started with online selling. It offers a comprehensive set of features that enables businesses to create an online store easily and sell products and services to customers.

A payment gateway is an essential component of any e-commerce platform since it is the service that enables consumers to pay for their online purchases. There are many different payment gateway providers and to find the right provider for your business, one has to consider your sales volume, average transaction size, and other factors. The right payment gateway can help increase sales for businesses in several ways. By providing a secure and efficient way to process payments, businesses can make it easier for their customers to complete transactions. This can lead to more sales and repeat business from satisfied customers. In addition, the right payment gateway can also offer features that can help businesses save money on their transactions.

Looking for a reliable payment gateway can be challenging but you needn’t look far – Worldline is a one-stop shop for all payment needs. The Worldline Next Gen Payment Gateway is a powerful payment gateway that is ideal for your Shopify Store.

Why use Worldline Next Gen Payment Gateway for Shopify?

Worldline Next Gen is a powerful payment gateway that is perfect for businesses of all sizes with its advanced features, advantages and super easy integration. It enables businesses to process online payments securely with complete control and transparency.

Some important features and advantages of Worldline Payment Gateway:

  • Offers 100+ payment modes
  • Seamless checkout experience for your customers
  • Strong security features including PCI DSS compliance
  • Easy integration – go live in 2 minutes!
  • Industry-best success rates with our intelligent routing and strong bank integrations
  • A powerful dashboard to give you full control with real-time analytics and customizable reports 


Besides, it is super easy and smooth to integrate Worldline Next Gen Payment Gateway on your Shopify store! Just follow the step-by-step guide:

Step 1:
Login into your Shopify store and go to the ‘payments’ tab within the settings

Step 2:
Click on ‘add payment methods’ and type to find Worldline India in the ‘Search by provider’ box

Step 3:
Click on the ‘Activate’ button

Step 4:
Scroll down to select the ‘connect’ button

Step 5:
Get automatically directed to the ‘Install App’ page, click on ‘Install App’ and then select ‘Activate’ Worldline Next Gen Payment Gateway

And it’s done – Worldline India as a payment method option!

So why wait? Start using Worldline Next Gen Payment Gateway today and see your business scale up!

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