Hospitality in India: Serving a new gen of digital customer services

24 / 04 / 2023

Embracing digital innovation in hospitality: Discover how digitalization can optimize operations, exceed guest expectations, deliver seamless payment experiences, empower staff, and unlock the potential for growth in the competitive hospitality industry. Explore Worldline's tailored solutions for the sector.


Digitalization and the rapid adoption and advancement of technology have resulted the hospitality sector to look into evolving guest expectations more than ever before. The notion of customer service and providing an enhance experience has become a vital concern. With several challenges faced during the pandemic, it prompted the hospitality sector to look into newer operating models without hampering a superior guest experience.

The pandemic introduced an element of uncertainty in the sector and necessitated cost optimization. The emphasis on health and safety has intensified, resulting in operational modifications such as seamless check-ins, contactless payments and improved cleaning standards. Adapting to technological measures has become crucial in offering an excellent service to guests in the hospitality business.

Prioritizing strategy to respond to new customer needs

In light of these challenges, the sector must draft a strategy to address the newly emerging customers' requirements. Anticipating in advance rather than reacting is always advantageous and financially beneficial for the business. If hoteliers adopt new payment methods or digital processes, they must correctly define their customer journey, from initial booking to the guest experience and onward relationship. Developing an effective strategy with guest experience will be crucial to responding to emerging requirements. Personalization and flexibility should be integral components.

But how can businesses in this industry not only meet but exceed their guests’ expectations? Can digitalization be the answer?

Here's how can digitalization enhance the customer experience in the hospitality industry:

Digitalization can help organizations in the industry modernize operations, significantly improve customer experiences, and eventually boost customer satisfaction and loyalty. Mobile phones are a quintessential part of our lives, and the best tool to create a completely integrated, branded mobile app that can integrate payment. Not only can the app provide booking services, account services, and a seamless payment experience, but it can also be the ideal way to engage with new and existing customers. Along with engaging customers and giving them greater control, it enhances a business’s efficiency, freeing up staff to focus on more personal and individualized customer service.

Additionally, modular payment systems should be considered. Not only are they faster and more reliable, but develop and grow at a pace similar to that of their customers, thereby offering the right support at each stage.

Chatbots and AI-powered virtual assistants can considerably improve the customer experience by promptly addressing customer queries and providing 24/7 customer service. These can ensure that a personalized touch is retained in interactions, along with simplifying business operations. Digital tools like property management systems eliminate various manual processes and cut down on errors. When integrated with payment systems, it can ensure that information flows smoothly.

Moreover, digitalization will provide organizations access to a wealth of data—a strategic resource of unrivalled worth. When utilized wisely by leveraging it to make data-driven decisions, it can significantly amplify the overall customer experience.

Personalized experience as customer service’s future

Offering a personalized experience across all channels is going to be a crucial component of customer service in the hospitality sector. Previously, customers relied on in-person interactions with the hotel staff; however, as technology advances, customers increasingly demand a seamless, multi-channel experience that is personalized to their specific needs. For instance, in the domain of payments, apart from traditional methods, the option to pay through apps and options such as pay through links and pay later options can enhance customer experience. Data analysis and personalization algorithms could be further utilized to personalize the customer experience. A personalized experience across channels ensures that a customer receives a high-quality experience, irrespective of how they connect with the business.

By utilizing data and digital technology, businesses in the hospitality sector can create exceptional guest experiences. Digitalization is the answer to most of the challenges the sector is facing, especially in the post-pandemic world. It is pertinent that the hospitality sector continues to build its digital capabilities to fully satisfy the demands of growing customers. Only then will they be able to boost the customer experience and thrive in the increasingly competitive and continuously evolving sector.

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Vishal Maru

Executive Vice President, Financial Institutions and Merchant Services, Worldline India

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