Tête-à-tête on Worldline VABOX with Sunjyot Dalmet, Senior Director – Products

25 / 04 / 2023

Enhancing merchant convenience with VABOX: Worldline India launches voice alert box, providing instant payment voice alerts for small merchants and retailers. Simplify your payment journey and join the digital payments revolution.


In our endeavour to enhance our merchant experience and to aid the mass adoption of digital payments among small merchants and retailers, Worldline India recently launched its VABOX – a voice alert box to facilitate instant payment voice alerts for merchants in India. To understand more about how we came up with this cutting-edge product, we chatted with Sunjyot Dalmet, Senior Director – Products for our tête-à-tête series.

Here is the transcript of the discussion -

1. How we came up with the ground-breaking product – VABOX?

Post Covid19 and the lockdown, many shops began accepting digital payments. Presently, one of the most widely used payment acceptance solutions is online payment via QR codes.

Despite the convenience, there also exist some risks in QR code payments. The merchants might potentially suffer losses due to the below situations:

  • Merchants cannot confirm payment success immediately.
  • Customers skip out on the bills.
  • Payment frauds.

To ensure that merchants get to hear the notification rather than checking for notifications on the registered mobile phones for a successful transaction, a cloud-based soundbox was required and that’s how Worldline launched VABOX.

2. What are the unique features of VABOX?

This soundbox is a cloud speaker capable of broadcasting transaction messages to update the transaction status to merchants.

  • 110 dB built-in speaker delivers clear announcements even in a noisy environment.
  • It is a low-power consumption device with a 2000 mAh battery, it can stand by for up to 90 hours and broadcast 8k+ transaction messages per charge.
  • The speaker is connected to the internet through GPRS (2G/4G) or WIFI connectivity.
  • This speaker has a huge space for QR-code stickers.
  • This speaker comes with an optional 6-digit 8-segment LED display which can display the transaction amount, SIM signal strength and battery strength.

3. How do you think it will empower small and micro merchants across India?

  • VABOX takes away the worry factor of whether the QR transactions have been completed and received in the merchant’s account by announcing the successfully received payments.
  • Moreover, this drastically reduces the modus operandi of fraudsters due to audio notifications.
  • Due to the multilingual feature of the VABOX, it creates a comfort factor for the merchants by getting to hear the payment notifications in their preferred local languages.

Worldline VABOX is currently being launched by partner banks namely Axis Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Punjab National Bank, Union Bank of India and others. In the initial phase, Worldline will be rolling out half a million devices that will prompt instant voice alerts for QR-code-based payments. Get your VABOX today>