Soundbox and UPI - Simple innovation with a big impact | Podcast

07 / 06 / 2024

In this episode, we'll be discussing Soundbox and UPI - simple innovation with a big impact. To help us gain a deeper understanding, we're joined by Gulshan Pruthi, Executive Vice President - India at Worldline.

podcast episode 4

The podcast episode explores the early stages of UPI transactions. Initially, the only way for a merchant to verify a transaction was through an SMS from the banks. It posed a challenge for busy retail shopkeepers, making them hesitant to adopt UPI due to the cumbersome verification process. Today, we are familiar with the sound of payment verification from the sound boxes in our daily lives. The discussion also emphasizes the potential growth of digital payments, especially UPI, with the assistance of Soundbox. It also touches upon future innovations in Soundbox and what we can expect in the coming years to make payments more convenient and seamless for businesses in India.

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