Importance of Omnichannel - As a critical component of MSMEs' business strategy| Podcast

27 / 06 / 2024

On the special occasion of World MSME Day, we are hosting an episode that focuses on the significance of omnichannel as a critical component of MSMEs' business strategy. To help us gain a deeper understanding, we're joined by Sheik Mohideen, Executive Vice President - India at Worldline.

1 min.

podcast episode 6

Sheik emphasizes why building an omnichannel strategy is crucial for MSMEs in today's digital-first world in India. The conversation delves into how payment technology is a game-changer for MSMEs in India. MSMEs today can have digital payment acceptance methods for both online and offline channels. It enables MSMEs to offer more payment options to their customers, ultimately enhancing their experience and boosting conversion rates. Today, integrated payment systems are gaining prominence with digital transformation, such as Android POS terminals with embedded software for managing business operations and mobile applications integrated with payment gateways and POS terminals.

Additionally, Fintech has introduced innovative solutions, making access to credit and financing more accessible. In conclusion, Sheik highlights that the digital transformation embraced by MSMEs is advantageous for the entire ecosystem.

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